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The dollar is one global currency that many people in Pakistan use. Even though there’s great demand for dollars in our country, there isn’t any solid payment gateway that can make dollar transactions easy for us. Advcash is one such service that allows holding and spending dollars for whatever purpose that you like.

Unfortunately, you cannot have an Advcash account directly as a Pakistani. This means that your access to Advcash is limited. Even though you cannot have an Advcash account, you can still transact on the platform by purchasing dollars from us.

What is Pkr2Dollar, and how can it help me get Advcash USD in Pakistan?

Pkr2Dollar is an organization that helps people with their currency problems. We help people have dollars on various platforms against their local rupees. Many people need dollars to make payments, purchase things, or even pay their exam fees for international board exams. Unfortunately, Pakistan doesn’t offer any service as of now where people can directly deposit dollars and move on to their work.

That’s where we help people get the dollars so that currency isn’t a barrier for them. Whether you are a freelancer, an international trader or anyone in need of Advcash dollars, we’ll give your desired amount of dollars against the Pkr. Our services are fast and hassle-free. You’ll not need to wait long hours to have your dollars deposited into your Advcash.

Why choose Pkr2Dollar?

As someone who’s looking to transact in dollars, you may think, why do you need to get dollars from us when you can get the work done via banks or western uniоn? Here’s why you choose our services:

  • We are fast:Getting money from other channels can take a lot of time, and we understand that that’s something many people don’t like. Our service is instant; we’d never want to keep you waiting.
  • Our rates are low:If you want to deal in dollars via banks or Western uniоn or other services like that, then you may end up paying high fee of up to 10% or even more at times. When you choose to get dollars from us, you get the best possible exchange rates for considerably low prices.
  • Getting Digital Dollars is a hassle: Banks and other services offer you physical dollars while we offer you dollars for payment gateways like Advcash, Payeer etc.

What’s next?

All you have to do is contact us, and we will tell you the procedure from thereon. We have several channels for our clients to get to us. Whatsapp, landline, or even mobile numbers, all is available for our esteemed clients.

Our services are widely popular with freelancers, people who deal in currency, people who need to send money to their relatives and loved ones outside of Pakistan, and anyone who needs digital dollars. We also serve several digital marketing agencies that need dollars to pay their workforce operating outside.

Our clientele is wide and vast, and we’ll be glad to serve you as well. Whatever amount of Advcash you need, we’ll serve you that. That too for the best possible rates and for a reasonable fee. We don’t charge our customers an unfair amount.

So if you are looking to buy Advcash USD in Pakistan, then all you need to do is contact Pkr2Dollar, and you’ll get the dollars you want against PKR. It’s really that simple. Other than Advcash, we also deal in Payeer dollars and cryptocurrencies as well. So if you want to buy Payeer dollars or USDTs then you can easily contact us and get the work done with absolute convenience.